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by jornmo
Wednesday 14th February 2018 11:29am
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Topic: Writing a simple text file
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Re: Writing a simple text file

Hi and welcome to the forum!

You need to open the file stream first.
Check out the example on the bottom of this page:
by jornmo
Monday 12th February 2018 9:44am
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Topic: Canada vs Norway Continue Stream
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Re: Canada vs Norway Continue Stream

by jornmo
Sunday 04th February 2018 3:25pm
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Topic: so silent
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Re: so silent

My life situation has left me with very little time for my hobby programming lately, so I'm just keeping an eye for questions here that i can chip in on.
by jornmo
Tuesday 09th January 2018 8:18pm
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Topic: Gridview borders
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Re: Gridview borders

The object is useful if you want to use the border in several places.

That joke was exactly the way I like them - super dry!
by jornmo
Thursday 04th January 2018 6:09pm
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Topic: New mailing lists
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New mailing lists

Just in case not everyone is aware, the new mailing lists are at:
by jornmo
Thursday 04th January 2018 11:32am
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Topic: Happy New Year!
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Re: Happy New Year!

Wow! Sholzy! Am I glad to hear from you! Happy new year old friend!
by jornmo
Thursday 28th December 2017 9:28pm
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Topic: Playground
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Re: Playground

The SSL certificate has issues. It's probably outdated and in need of renewal. You can open the site by adding the certificate as an exeption in your browser.
by jornmo
Sunday 24th December 2017 9:03am
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Topic: Merry Christmas!
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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody!
by jornmo
Friday 08th December 2017 5:39pm
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Topic: Cut and Paste in Terminal
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Re: Cut and Paste in Terminal

She :roll: :D
by jornmo
Sunday 03rd December 2017 9:46am
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Topic: 3.10 - Strange Message something about 'Desktop.H'
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Re: 3.10 - Strange Message something about 'Desktop.H'

Super! It might have been some unwanted remnant that got flushed out somehow...