RS232 / Serial Support

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RS232 / Serial Support

Post by AndyGable » Wednesday 13th January 2021 11:43pm

Hi all,

Does anyone know of a place i can read up on how to use Serial (Rs232) communication with Gambas?

I as As I have a Serial Barcode Reader and I would like to get the data from this and use it with in my Software (I would also need to get the weight from it as it is a scanner / scale like they use in the supermarkers)

Ideal I would like to have the serial scanner not linked to anything like a keypress (or a Do loop like I had to have in DOS)

any information or example website would be welcomed.

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Re: RS232 / Serial Support

Post by PJBlack » Thursday 14th January 2021 2:00am ... .1.5:start

( i will come back to you tomorrow ... :( )

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Re: RS232 / Serial Support

Post by sarpomira » Thursday 14th January 2021 8:03pm

I found this several months ago when working with Arduino communication.
Not mine.
This may help with your syntax and setup.
Private Sport As SerialPort
Const None As Integer = 0
Private RxLen As Integer
Private Rx As String

Public Sub Form_Open()
  Sport = New SerialPort As "Sport"
  Sport.PortName = "/dev/ttyACM0" 'Linux serial port to ttyUSB0
  Sport.Speed = "9600"
  Sport.Parity = 0
  Sport.DataBits = "8" 
  Sport.StopBits = "1"
  Sport.FlowControl = 0

Public Sub Sport_Read()
  Try Read #Sport, Rx, Lof(Sport)
    If Error Then 
      Goto NoRx
    RxLen = InStr(Rx, Chr(13))
    LabelRxlen.Text = RxLen

  Rx = ""

Please post your serial comm code if you get it working. There are not many working examples kicking around.

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