Font Selection Broken in Gambas Daily PPA

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Font Selection Broken in Gambas Daily PPA

Post by Matthew-Collins » Saturday 20th February 2021 2:58pm


Anyone notice the font selection is broken in Gambas Daily, see below ?

Linux Mint 20.1 - Gambas Daily
Screenshot from 2021-02-20 14-51-03.png
Screenshot from 2021-02-20 14-51-03.png (53.65 KiB) Viewed 73 times
Linux Mint 20.1 - Gambas Stable

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Re: Font Selection Broken in Gambas Daily PPA

Post by BruceSteers » Saturday 20th February 2021 3:24pm

Gambas has a problem on some systems if your desktop font size is too small.

Go to your system Appearance settings and change the default "Application Font" to something more than 10.
snap.png (106.72 KiB) Viewed 70 times
I have found the mark is 10 , at Application font size 10 some systems have a problem, at 11 all is okay , Mint is okay and so is ubuntu on size 10, issues on most other systems though.

wait hang on , you're using Mint?? So not sure why you're getting the problem then, it's fine on mine, even at size 10??

I have reported this bug a while ago and Benoit is trying to fix it (the reason for Desktop.Scale being recently added to System info page) ... m=L21haW4-

So up your desktop font size to 11 (desktop settings not gambas settings) and it should fix it :)

Hmm, unless you have a different problem , like i say font setting all working fine on my latest gambas (mint 20).
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