Gambas project class files always "read only"

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Gambas project class files always "read only"

Post by monteiro » Thursday 25th February 2021 10:51am

Greetings from Brazil, folks.
Running gambas 3.15.2 on Fedora 33. No matter if the"lock button" is ON or OFF, all class files can't be edited. It accept copy and paste, but you can't type nor even move the cursor.

I switched from Wayland to X11 and the problem remains. I checked the file permissions and all of them are RW for my user.

If I write on Gedit, for instance, copy and paste works.

Does anyone have seem this and have a solution?
Thanks in advance

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Re: Gambas project class files always "read only"

Post by cogier » Thursday 25th February 2021 2:16pm

Try creating a new class, copy and paste all the code from the old class to the new class then delete the old class. If this does not work please post the program, and we can have a look.

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