Gambas for Puppy-Linux

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Re: Gambas for Puppy-Linux

Post by casperl » Monday 13th February 2017 10:38am

Some feedback: I downloaded iso for slacko 6.3.2 and it was impressive. Could download and install Gambas3 right away. Verdict is that it is extremely fast with a low memory & resources usage.

However.... Virtualbox + Puppy = Not a seamless experience. (Say no more.)

I have some <very old and one recent> Linux boxen that have not been switched on for year(s). I am motivated to install puppy on them and bring those PC's back to life. This is an ideal environment on which someone can be introduced to (or learn) programming.

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Re: Gambas for Puppy-Linux

Post by didier18 » Monday 13th February 2017 7:04pm

Hello casperl

Thank you for the feedback and feedback ...

The speed of "puppy-linux" is that it is fully loaded in RAM (which is faster than on the HDD).

The use by Virtualbox is possible (for tests), but I dislike it in normal use. You also found that the speed performance was mediocre with Virtualbox ...

In general we install puppy-linux on a USB key, but it is possible to install it on the HDD, on an SDCard or even not to install it but to start on a LiveCD.

I personally installed "ToOpPy V2.2 specifies 3.14.55" on a 64GB SDCard (which is more than enough) to store the backup file and various .sfs archives.
I noticed that in use the SDCard was faster than a USB key (but this is probably the transfer rate (45Mb / s)).

In general, it is advisable to have at least 512MB of RAM on the old PCs for the puppy-linux to function correctly, but some managed to operate with only 256MB ...

Have a good day.

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