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Re: Did you know?

Post by Got2BeFree » Friday 19th February 2021 4:21am

progger wrote:
Thursday 18th February 2021 4:11pm
If you create a comment that starts with "TODO:" then that comment shows up in you Notes list. This is a nice way to keep track of your ToDo-list :)
So will "FIXME:" and "NOTE:".

I'm wondering around lost in the past, not knowing where the present is.

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Re: Did you know? ...the Recent Projects screen

Post by stevedee » Tuesday 23rd February 2021 10:36am

I'm probably the last person to discover this, but I sometimes end up with 2 copies of a project in different folders, and then don't know which one to open from the Recent Projects screen.

I don't know why the project path is not shown on-screen, as there is plenty of space for it.

However, if you simply hold the mouse over the project icon, a tool-tip will pop-up and display the path.

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Re: Did you know?

Post by cogier » Tuesday 23rd February 2021 12:11pm

No I did not know that one. Very useful as I also have run into the same issue. Thanks.

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Re: Did you know?

Post by BruceSteers » Tuesday 23rd February 2021 2:42pm

I almost submitted a commit with a change to enable this and spotted it already does it when editing the code lol :D

had that issue soooo many times.
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