disk serial numbaer

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disk serial numbaer

Post by sony » Thursday 05th October 2017 12:12am

How to read the usb stick volume serial number?


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Re: disk serial numbaer

Post by stevedee » Thursday 05th October 2017 10:28am

This is one way of doing it:-

Code: Select all

Public Sub Main()
'this sub uses the list of links in: /dev/disk/by-id/
'...which includes the device identity and serial number

Dim strDisk As String
Dim strLink As String
Dim strName As String
Dim strSerial As String

  For Each strDisk In Dir("/dev/disk/by-id", "usb-*", gb.Link)
    strLink = Stat("/dev/disk/by-id/" & strDisk).Link
    strLink = "/dev/" & Right(strLink, - RInStr(strLink, "/"))
    If Len(strLink) = 8
      strDisk = Mid(strDisk, InStr(strDisk, "_") + 1)
      strDisk = Mid(strDisk, 1, InStr(strDisk, "-") - 1)
      strName = Replace(Left(strDisk, RInStr(strDisk, "_")), "_", " ")    
      strSerial = Mid(strDisk, RInStr(strDisk, "_") + 1, InStr(strDisk, "-") - 1)
      Print strName & " serNo: " & strSerial

Or you could use the Linux command: lsusb -v ...which must be run as root.
This will give you access to more device information (e.g. idProduct, idVendor, iProduct, iSerial, USB class)

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Re: USB disk serial number

Post by cogier » Thursday 05th October 2017 1:49pm

Here is another way of doing it. This works in Linux Mint but whether it will work in other distros is another matter.
USB Serial Number.jpg
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EDIT: - It does not work on the Raspberry Pi

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Re: disk serial numbaer

Post by sony » Friday 06th October 2017 4:30am

Thank you very much


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Re: disk serial numbaer

Post by jornmo » Saturday 07th October 2017 8:02pm

Hey Sony!

I like your TVs and loudspeakers :lol:

Sorry, I just could not help myself ;) I have a very dry sense of humour... Welcome (back) to the forums! :ugeek:

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