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Re: Raspberry Pi camera module

Posted: Friday 09th February 2018 12:40am
by sony
Hi Charlie,
It's like a beginner tech to teacher :)
I think you must log in to root

1st problem, you should have 'param.par' file in the home folder.
par_file_folder.PNG (76.64 KiB) Viewed 3466 times
2nd problem, you must create the 'tmp1' ram drive
create_RAM_drive.PNG (37.05 KiB) Viewed 3466 times

Re: Raspberry Pi camera module

Posted: Sunday 11th February 2018 3:08pm
by cogier
OK. I suggest you add the following code at line 79 to create 'param.par' if it does not exist
If Not Exist(User.home &/ "param.par") Then File.Save(User.home &/ "param.par", "")

I changed all references to the RamDrive to /tmp (not /tmp1) and added the following 'Sub' which I took from 'PiCam'.
Public Sub CreateRAMDrive()                                         'To create a RAM drive to hold the SSH Preview picture
Dim sFstab As String                                                'To store the details in the fstab file

If Not Exist("/var/tmp") Then Mkdir "/var/tmp"                      'Does this folder exist, if not create it

sFstab = File.Load("/etc/fstab")                                    'Load the contents of fstab into sFstab

If Not InStr(sFstab, "tmpfs /var/tmp tmpfs nodev,nosuid,size=3M 0 0") Then 'If the string we need to create the 3Meg RAM drive is not there then..
  sFstab &= "\ntmpfs /var/tmp tmpfs nodev,nosuid,size=3M 0 0\n"     'Add the string to the end of the file
  File.Save(User.Home &/ "fstab", sFstab)                           'Save the file to the Home folder
  Shell "sudo mv ~/fstab /etc/fstab"                                'Move the file to the 'etc' folder
  Shell "sudo mount -a"                                             'Mount all drives including our new one

Then call that the 'Sub' : -
Public Sub Form_Open()


If (wiringPiSetup() = -1).............
I get a picture taken in the RamDrive but I am not sure what is supposed to happen next, I have changed all the values and clicked everything but nothing seems to happen. Are you still trying to display video output?

Re: Raspberry Pi camera module

Posted: Monday 12th February 2018 2:58am
by sony
It's about how to setting the parameter. For test just add a button with code like picture below:
new_button.PNG (13.86 KiB) Viewed 3456 times
IF you run the program then click the button will shot the camera like below:
sample1.PNG (79.43 KiB) Viewed 3456 times
Now you can fill the parameter. Size mean size area copied of image from left to right area, Pos mean position area copied of image from left to right area.

for example if you want capture the position of image with the writing SIMATIC you must set the paramater Pos with value like image below,
press copy button you will copy the necessary position to right area.
samplepos10-65.PNG (95.85 KiB) Viewed 3456 times
After that if you press 'calculate' will count differential pixel color in the image copied area.

If you give different value in Pos parameter and try step like above will give different pixel count. Just if trigger active and picture shot by camera automatically and if Actual pixel count less then limit the output will be energize.

Re: Raspberry Pi camera module

Posted: Saturday 17th February 2018 4:36pm
by cogier
Matt and I have done some work for you. Have a look at the attached program.

When you want to 'Copy' just use the mouse to select the area to copy and when you release the mouse button it will copy across automatically.

Hope you like it.
PiCamera.png (187 KiB) Viewed 3448 times
(36.89 KiB) Downloaded 132 times

Re: Raspberry Pi camera module

Posted: Monday 19th February 2018 3:03am
by sony
my goal to make this project is to stop the conveyor if PiCam detected products that are not printed with barcode images automatically. See my block diagram below.
image001.PNG (36.6 KiB) Viewed 3443 times

Re: Raspberry Pi camera module

Posted: Tuesday 20th February 2018 3:01pm
by cogier
Have a look at the attached program to see if it helps you.

It requires the installation of 'zbar-tools' and the use of a standard webcam NOT a Raspberry Pi camera.

Tested on Raspberry Pi 3 and Linux Mint 18.3.

It will scan a barcode and show the output.
read.png (398.15 KiB) Viewed 3432 times
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Re: Raspberry Pi camera module

Posted: Wednesday 21st February 2018 12:43am
by sony
Hi Charlie,
It looks like an advanced level :o . My project is running with a running conveyor as well, so I decided to only detect barcode images, not barcode data.
The first time I also tried to use the webcam but could not capture the image object well. With PiCam I can take pictures of moving objects even with blurred results.
You can imagine if many moving box to detected and then the RPi must able to detect wich box with or without barcode sticker.
Any idea?

Re: Raspberry Pi camera module

Posted: Wednesday 21st February 2018 8:33am
by cogier
I think that if the bar code is in the same position on the boxes then the camera will be able to read the bar code and that will tell your program that there is a bar code on the box. It does not matter that the program reads the actual bar code only that it exists. Change sOutput to ="Yes" and you will get a "Yes" every time there is a bar code.

It must be worth a try.
It looks like an advanced level :o
There is not very much code there if you strip out the code I used to make it look pretty. Have you run the program?

Re: Raspberry Pi camera module

Posted: Friday 23rd February 2018 6:17am
by sony
Beside reading the barcode image, how to detect there is text printed at the box or not
expcode.PNG (102.26 KiB) Viewed 3403 times

Re: Raspberry Pi camera module

Posted: Friday 23rd February 2018 10:34am
by stevedee
sony wrote:
Friday 23rd February 2018 6:17am to detect there is text printed at the box or not...
I think any solution will be relatively complicated, and if this was a real industrial conveyor system, you would need a proper rugged transducer/reader, rather than a RaspiCam.

But as an academic exercise, you would need to use some form of image recognition. Perhaps you could simply grab an image at the right time, and find a rectangular area within the image where all sides where 'white' (the pixel average value of this white border would form your reference level). Then you could check the average intensity based upon all pixels within this rectangle. If the average was considerably lower than your reference level (the 'white' sides), then it is likely that the white box contains printed text (...or smudged ink, or a dirty mark, or a house fly...).

Or you could use image or text recognition by using someone's library (probably written in C or maybe Python) or fully research the subject and write your own for Gambas (very time consuming).