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Posted: Sunday 14th January 2018 5:14pm
by cogier
I have discovered a very useful tool in the Gambas toolbox 'Ends' so I thought I would share it with you.

Handle all the controls in the program below in 5 lines of code: -
Example of Ends.png
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Re: 'Ends'

Posted: Monday 15th January 2018 10:05am
by stevedee
That's great cogier! an interesting example.

I played around with it for a while, and then I sort of 'drifted off', creating this one liner using Last.Name.
HiBye.png (14.98 KiB) Viewed 896 times

Re: 'Ends'

Posted: Monday 15th January 2018 3:16pm
by cogier
Excellent! Well using that method you could shorten: -
TextBox1.Text = Mid((, InStr(, "Button") + Len("Button"))
TextBox1.Text = Mid(, InStr(, "Button") + 6)
It just goes to show that there is always another way to do things. :D