download data from internet

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Re: download data from internet

Post by stevedee » Thursday 24th May 2018 10:19am

westconn wrote:
Wednesday 23rd May 2018 9:30pm
... still requires to login first
...i have successfully returned and parsed the data using vb, but now am trying to get the same working for linux...
I think you are saying that you cannot provide the login details via Gambas. If so, can you post that part of your VB code that allows you to log-in? This may allow us to come up with a Gambas alternative.

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Re: download data from internet

Post by westconn » Thursday 14th June 2018 12:13pm

i have at last got this working in gambas................ hooray

now to start on the next unknowns
parsing the data
graphing the data
creating a trayicon

such a lot for a slow learner...........

thank you all for replies and assistance

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