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(original text click on me)

analien = analyse link

Usually when installing a.sfs program, the programmer ensures that all dependencies related to the proper functioning of the program are installed at the same time as the program on the PC.
But how do you do that if you want to install a program in ".deb" format?
Of course, just double-click on the.deb archive to install it, but that doesn't guarantee that all dependencies will be satisfied...
It is always possible to solve the problem of missing dependencies when the program is installed, but it is usually long and tedious because it is necessary to search for a sub-dependency in another dependency, not to mention that one can forget some and that it will have to start over, in short it quickly becomes discouraging.

Analyst will help you in this task....
To download analien click on me
It is a small program written in gambas3 (so gambas3 must be installed on your PC to be able to use it)

1) - Analien allows you to retrieve all the links of a web page...
If the link points to a package in the format".deb" it will be written in blue, otherwise it will appear in orange...
2) - It is possible (right click on one of the recovered links, then choose "Filter") to filter all links to see only those that meet your needs for example all those containing something_i386. deb plus all those containing something_all.deb (which will be written in the filter *i386.deb|*all.deb)
3) - Now that the filter is established, all that remains is to download all the packages at once (right click on one of the recovered links, then choose "Download").

The "Internet" window is replaced by the "Action Tracking" window which informs you of the status of downloads, and the information line (at the bottom of the screen returns the package being downloaded as well as the overall status of all downloads).
All.deb packages contain (among other things) file. file contains information about the.deb package (file size, name of the package maintainer, dependencies, description etc.) as its name indicates

When all packages are downloaded (in the Download directory for example), the "Action Tracking" window is replaced by a "File Manager".
Select all or part of the packages and click/drag them into the analysis container (tree) so that the required dependencies are displayed almost instantly for each package. In fact you understood it, it is file of each package that was queried and returned the content of the "depend" line....
Even if all dependencies are displayed with a black circle (which means that the presence of the dependency remains to be checked) this already gives a first assessment.

Among all these dependencies, some are most certainly present in the "Download" directory or in the system directories (nb: You can add directories for searching, right-click on one of the dependencies and choose "Manage directories to analyze").
Start the analysis by right-clicking on one of the dependencies, then "Analyze all the files in the tree")...).
The "File Manager" window is replaced by 3 lists.
- List of available dependencies ((green circle) in general in the "Download" directory).
- List of dependencies available on the disk ((blue circle) in the directories you have predefined).
- List of dependencies not available (red circle) or not found in the directories you have pre-defined and that you will have to search on the Internet).

Right-clicking on one of the items in the list of unavailable dependencies allows you to copy the name of the dependency... Right-clicking on the information line (at the bottom of the screen) allows you to access the Internet windows, action tracking, file manager and thus to search more easily for the dependency that you only need to paste in the search field.

Of course analien is translated into German, English (thanks cogier), Spanish, Italian, Japanese...

Have a good day.

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