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enumerating an collection

Posted: Saturday 22nd December 2018 7:37am
by grayghost4
this code runs fine :

Dim Dict As New Collection
Dim Element As String

Dict["Blue"] = 3
Dict["Red"] = 1
Dict["Green"] = 2

For Each Element In Dict
Print Element;

but if I substutite a json.Decode .... I get the results in the attachment

Re: enumerating an collection

Posted: Saturday 22nd December 2018 12:28pm
by cogier
Hi grayghost4,

Can you tell us what it is you are trying to achieve and please upload the 'conssendo_s.srm' file so we can see what you see.

Re: enumerating an collection

Posted: Saturday 22nd December 2018 4:54pm
by grayghost4
thanks for the response.

I want to load the file from the disk, make modifications to it and then write it back to the disk. I can accomplish that without enumerating the file but when I write it back with Json.encode, the file is compressed without tabs and linefeeds. If I enumerate it to a string, or string[] then I can add tabs and line feeds where I want them, and write the string back to a file.

Also, I am learning the language and want to understand the commands and understand why that one does not work. It seems like that is a useful command to know.

I believe I found the problem ... the file I am working with has two collections within it.
So the first element is a collection and the second element is a string. So it will generate a type mismatch no matter what you try to assign it to. :(

Re: enumerating an collection

Posted: Sunday 23rd December 2018 1:07pm
by cogier
I think that you can do what you want with a simpler edit structure.
I have taken your file opened it and split it by line, then created a new array without all the indentation. You can edit the data then replace the old data with the new. This leaves the indentation as it was.

I hope it helps.
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