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SQLite or MySQL?

Posted: Wednesday 01st May 2019 1:43am
by Cedron
Those seem to be the most common choices.

Which one do most people prefer?

Which one does this site use?

Either one will work for what I want to do. I'm just wondering which is more popular around here.



Re: SQLite or MySQL?

Posted: Friday 03rd May 2019 7:43pm
by jornmo
SQLite is only reccomended to be used locally. This forum is using MySQL (MariaDB actually). My impression is that MySQL is more widely used than Postgre, but that people many times prefer Postgre over MySQL. But I do not have the statistics to back it up. I also "believe" REST APIs are more commonly used for applications these days, than connecting directly to a MySQL/Postgre...

Re: SQLite or MySQL?

Posted: Friday 03rd May 2019 8:26pm
by Cedron

I want to be able to use any of them, but there are quirks and differences which makes concentrating on one make sense.

Which version of MariaDB? Which version of PHP?

If you guys are willing to host the SoftwareFarmDB I'm working on, I can provide the DB and code.

If anybody wants to volunteer to work on this with me, any help is most welcome.


Re: SQLite or MySQL?

Posted: Friday 03rd May 2019 8:33pm
by jornmo
My hands are very full these days already. For security reasons I will not post those here in public. What is this project your making?

Re: SQLite or MySQL?

Posted: Friday 03rd May 2019 8:56pm
by Cedron
(2.62 KiB) Downloaded 33 times
(This sucker went from 193K to 3K compressed! Talk about fluffy.)

I understand. It's not that important, I'll just grab the latest one and not use any fancy features.

Does Gambas gb.db support MariaDB?

I see SQLite, MySQL, Postgres, and ODBC.

I have a brief explanation of what I have in mind at the end of:

Attached is a skeletal SQLite DB file that is automatically generated from the diagram in the post.

I've got 20 plus years of database application development experience. This would be a "medium sized" project.


Re: SQLite or MySQL?

Posted: Monday 20th May 2019 4:26pm
by gbWilly
Hi Cedron,

When working with MariaDb, you are working with a fork of MySql.
I used to run MySql on a Debian 7 server at work, we're now running Debian 9 servers and they replaced MySql with MariaDB. So, after a simple migration of the data from MySql to MariaDB, our data is now stored in MariaDB.

I didn't need to recode anything in the Gambas applications that work with the database (except for the server name when connecting to the database) as you approach MariaDB exactly the same as MySql (using gb.db.mysql component).

So, you code in Gambas as if you are coding for MySql from a gambas developers point of view.

Hope this helps,


Re: SQLite or MySQL?

Posted: Tuesday 21st May 2019 8:21pm
by Cedron
Thanks gbWilly,

I decided to do the right thing and support both in the tools I am writing. I've even added MsAccess 2000 to the list.

SqLite is to MySQL/MariaDB as MsAccess is to SqlServer.

Works for me.