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Raspberry Pi, Raspbian and Gambas

Posted: Wednesday 09th October 2019 11:44am
by gbWilly
Hi all,

Have been working with Banana Pi's for quite a while now with an old Lubuntu image (14.04) running a Gambas 3.6.2 application that provides a pricelist for the company I work for. I first started out with Raspberry Pi's (first model) but they simply couldn't handle the graphical load in those days, that's why I ended up with the Banana Pi in those days.

I have been looking to newer Banana Pi's but found out that image support for some newer versions isn't all that great and it's really time for a newer image. Also most is done by Chinese people and their English documentation is really bad if there is any at all.

I also noticed that Raspberry has come a long way since and they now have a new Raspberry Pi 4 with up to 4 GB ram. So that got me interested again in Raspberry. I figure these newer Raspberries might be up for the job I need them to do.

My questions are:
1. How well is Gambas supported under Raspbian (and I'm looking at the latest Raspbian version based on Debian 10)?
2. Will it install Gambas from the Debian 10 repositories?
3. Will it (on the newer Raspberry Pi 4) be able to handle a some what heavier grapical load, as the header part of the pricelist are animated GIFs (1920 x 225 pixels) and those couldn't be handled by the first Raspberries?

Hope anyone can provide me some more insight.


Re: Raspberry Pi, Raspbian and Gambas

Posted: Wednesday 09th October 2019 12:38pm
by cogier
Hi gbWilly,

Nice to hear from you again. The Raspberry pi runs Gambas very well and Gambas can be installed with a simple 'apt-get'. The pi 4 is nice but it does run quite hot. The pi 3 may be your best bet.

If you could let me have your program with some sample data I will happily test it for you.

Re: Raspberry Pi, Raspbian and Gambas

Posted: Wednesday 09th October 2019 9:48pm
by Quincunxian
gB & Cosier,
Was just reading an article about the Pi4 and this link about 'over clocking' it.

There was a piece in the article that "may be" relevant to the overheating problems.
Updating the Raspberry Pi 4's Firmware
Once your system is up to date, there's one more command to run, which will update the firmware on your tiny computer. If you've never updated the firmware on your Raspberry Pi 4 before, you should. An earlier firmware update reduced power consumption of the USB controller from which the Pi draws its power, which had the effect of reducing the nominal operating temperature. Once your system is updated, run this command from your Terminal window.

sudo rpi-update

Read more here

Re: Raspberry Pi, Raspbian and Gambas

Posted: Tuesday 15th October 2019 3:48pm
by gbWilly
Hi Cogier and Quin,

Thanks for the info. Gives me something to think about.

Posting an example isn't that easy because of:
1. License issues on the animated gifs (not made by me)
2. License issues on the pricelist application (made by me but for the company I work for)
3. Data for the pricelist application all comes from a Mariadb on our Debian server

I could create something likewise, but still wouldn't be able to provide you with the animated gifs used as header, because of license issues. And it's exactly those that put the load on the whole pricelist, rest is all just textual info drawn from teh database on the server.

So, I guess I'll just order a few and give it a go myself. If heat issues can be brought back, as the article Quin refers to suggests, I guess I'll be going for the a few Pi 4. If that doesn't work I'll use them myself for private purposes and order the Pi 3 ;)