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Re: Can't run on Pi any longer (solved)

Posted: Saturday 10th October 2020 5:54pm
by sadams54
I will keep working to get this to work but I wonder about how much energy to put in. I did the environment variable and confirmed it is still in there. But I wonder about all the work to patch around something that just needs updated. Raspian is behind due to this in my mind. I can work using the IDE for a short time but huge pain in the ass.
I used cut and paste to put the environment variable in. So as long as you typed it correctly in the first reference, it is right on mine. Raspian has not been my favorite distro, I would love to see fedora working reliably on pi3 and 4.
So we all keep it str8, I do not develop on the pi. I use a standard pc with fedora 32 on it. The pi is just in the background performing tasks and just accepts the program updates. That is of course how I ran into the issue of 3.15 vs 3.12.

New ideas welcome

Re: Can't run on Pi any longer

Posted: Sunday 11th October 2020 8:29am
by stevedee
sadams54 wrote:
Saturday 10th October 2020 5:54pm
,,,New ideas welcome
OK, so my suggestion is that you zip up your project file and post it here. That will allow us to run it in the IDE on our own Pi hardware.

If you don't want us to see your project, just make a simple "Hello World" program, and as long as it exhibits the same problems, that will be fine for our testing.

Re: Can't run on Pi any longer

Posted: Sunday 11th October 2020 11:44am
by cogier
Apparently you can run Fedora on the pi, have a look here.

Re: Can't run on Pi any longer

Posted: Monday 12th October 2020 6:36pm
by sadams54
I tried fedora on the pi and it had serious deficiencies. Now of course I am using pi4 and fedora is not doing that one yet. At least according to what I read. I would love fedora on the pi4 it would be a dream.

Re: Can't run on Pi any longer

Posted: Monday 12th October 2020 7:32pm
by stevedee
BruceSteers wrote:
Saturday 10th October 2020 8:03am
What "should" also be working too is entering the GB_PCODE_VERSION 3.8 Environment variable into your IDE...
I checked this today by making a simple 'hello world' app using v3.15.2 and confirmed it would not run in the IDE when copied to systems running v3.8.4 and v3.12.2.

Back on the v3.15.2 system, I went to menu Project > Properties > Environment and added the variable "GB_PCODE_VERSION" and gave it the value "3.8"

I then did "Compile All" and saved the project, deleted the old folders on the v3.8.4 and 3.12.2 systems before copying the updated project folder to both. The project now runs on all 3 versions of Gambas. The v3.12.2 Gambas is on a Pi running Raspbian Buster.

This 'pcode' feature was added with the introduction of Gambas v3.4. When it has been correctly setup, the .project file should contain the string:-

Re: Can't run on Pi any longer

Posted: Wednesday 14th October 2020 9:06pm
by sadams54
Problem solved. Thank you everybody. I used the pcode option and even though it did not work, I tried it again on a 3.15 system and made the executable there. Copied it over and back to full functionality. Thank you for the information it will be committed to my notes for future use.