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proxy servers

Posted: Wednesday 02nd January 2019 8:30pm
by sadams54
I need to connect to internet over a proxy server. I have the linux fedora environment set to work with the proxy server in the network settings. http, https, socks, ftp all set. however when I use gambas http component it does not work with the proxy. I am assuming I just do not know how to set it up. the component works fine but not when I try to connect with the anonymous proxy server. I see how to put in the host but not where to put in the port. I tried setting the port with "" but it still tries to just go direct over the connection and not use the proxy or the settings in fedora. It seems like gambas http component has it's own way of doing things. how do I make it pick up the proxy settings from fedora that everything else works with or tell the component to use a proxy?

Re: proxy servers

Posted: Friday 04th January 2019 10:46pm
by cogier
I am sorry that you have not received a reply to your post. I hoped that someone with more intelligence that me and understood your question would have given you some help (I had to Google 'Proxy Server' to find out what it was). However I thought that I might be able to point you in the right direction.
however when I use gambas http component it does not work with the proxy.
I cant find a Gambas http component?

I can find a that includes a Proxy property.

Curl.Proxy (
Property Read Proxy As .Curl.Proxy
Returns a virtual object used for defining proxy parameters.

Does that help? If not please post some code. People are happy to help when they have something to work with.

Re: proxy servers

Posted: Saturday 05th January 2019 4:42am
by sadams54
Not quite what I was looking for. the component is available if you add the component under project properties. I believe they operate the same so what applies to one would apply to the other. However what I am asking is how to make it work with a proxy example. on port 1234. what I have tried does not work.

Read above for what I tried if need be.