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Posted: Monday 27th May 2019 2:40pm
by gbWilly
Hi all,

Just a quick question: Anyone here happen to have a useable simple HTML-editor coded in Gambas?
Too busy to code one myself and I prefer using something build in Gambas, before searching the web for alternatives.

Re: HTML-Editor

Posted: Monday 27th May 2019 10:59pm
by Got2BeFree
I don't have one, but I sure would like to a Gambas coded one too.

Re: HTML-Editor

Posted: Tuesday 28th May 2019 1:43pm
by cogier
Check out the Farm for HTEdit. I have not done anything with it but the basics are there.


Re: HTML-Editor

Posted: Wednesday 29th May 2019 8:08am
by gbWilly
Thanks Cogier,

I'll have a look at it and see how usable it is.