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Gambas --> Beaglebone Black

Posted: Saturday 18th August 2018 9:12pm
by Askjerry
I just installed Linux and Gambas 3 onto my Beaglebone Black... I have decades of experience with Vidual BASIC... so it didn't take much to make a simple program, run it, compile it and make it installable...

But now... how do I access the Beaglebone GPIO to both read the status of a pin and/or set the status of a pin??

It would be great if someone could send me some code that turns an LED plugged into a pin on/off using a button on the screen. And a display on the screen that changes state depending on the condition of a beaglebone pin. (High/Low)

Can anyone help??? :shock:

Re: Gambas --> Beaglebone Black

Posted: Thursday 23rd August 2018 3:28pm
by jornmo
I suppose you could draw some hints from this? ... hp?t=50246

Re: Gambas --> Beaglebone Black

Posted: Saturday 08th September 2018 1:05am
by Askjerry
Not really... it was written for the Raspberry Pi, and I have a Beaglebone. The pin configuration is different. Also, I downloaded the files from that page and attempted to open them in Gambas but was unable to do so.

Is there a Beaglebone library? Do I need to abandon the Beaglebone and use the Raspberry Pi instead?

Does ANYONE have a sample code that will allow me to connect an LED to a BEAGLEBONE GPIO pin, click a button, and toggle the LED? If I could get that far... it would be a tremendous start.


Re: Gambas --> Beaglebone Black

Posted: Sunday 09th September 2018 6:09pm
by stevedee
From the link provided by Jornmo you can see that a similar library is probably the best approach for using Gambas with the Beaglebone. You will also need to understand how such a library can be used with Gambas.

I don't have a Beaglebone Black, so I can only suggest that you have a couple of programming options;
1) you could find a suitable C/C++ Library and use this to access GPIO via your Gambas code.
2) you could try to work with the I/O files to read and write to the pins.

A quick search of Github brought up this C++ Library:
It looks suitable, but as I say I've never used it.

Using simple file commands involves configuring & exporting pins, and then executing commands from Gambas. So to toggle a pin may involve something like:-

Code: Select all

echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio32/value
echo 0 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio32/value
Take a look at documents like: ... lebone.pdf

Again, there may be better documents out there, my suggestions are just to get you started.

Re: Gambas --> Beaglebone Black

Posted: Sunday 09th September 2018 6:18pm
by stevedee