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Custom Control Icon

Posted: Wednesday 03rd April 2019 12:37pm
by bill-lancaster
I haven't yet been able to install the control's icon successfully.
I have installed an icon in the .hidden/control folder of the project but the icon shown in collection of controls is a default one with no icon.
Any advice would be welcome

Re: Custom Control Icon

Posted: Thursday 04th April 2019 2:47pm
by cogier
Hi Bill, exactly what are you trying to do, I don't quite understand the question?

Re: Custom Control Icon

Posted: Friday 05th April 2019 9:00am
by bill-lancaster
I've created a custom control, it was showing in the IDE in a default form, not appearing with the icon that I'd set.
Have re-read for the umpteenth time I realised that the icon name has to be in lower case - problem solved!