A free geocoding a.p.i.

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A free geocoding a.p.i.

Post by stevedee » Friday 04th October 2019 3:14pm

Recently, I needed a free geocoding api to get co-ordinates from place names for a Gambas program that reports UK 'crime data'.

Of those I came across, some required a Billing Address, and almost all required registration for an API key.

But then I got lucky and found this one from DataScienceToolkit:-
http://www.datasciencetoolkit.org/devel ... oordinates

I've been using it on & off for a few days, and it seems reliable.

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Re: A free geocoding a.p.i.

Post by cogier » Monday 07th October 2019 2:36pm

There is a free URL api at ip-api.com should it interest you. I have used it in my program Your_location.

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