The "Why I use {distro name} Linux" thread

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The "Why I use {distro name} Linux" thread

Post by stevedee » Wednesday 03rd March 2021 11:50am

I thought it might be interesting to hear why users have adopted certain Linux distributions and what they like/dislike about them.

Following my early exploration of Red Hat Linux c2000, I fully switched to Linux in 2008 when I considered it had "come of age" and I used Ubuntu for a few years. Then I switched to Lubuntu to avoid the "new" Ubuntu Interface and the increasing system bloat. All was good until 18.04 when I had lots of problems, so tried Mate before settling on PeppermintOS.

I've also played with other distros like Puppy, Arch & Raspbian,

Peppermint is quite a light-weight distro and was originally based upon Lubuntu. So its 'quick' even on a fairly humble computer, and a joy to use. One of the reasons I've stuck with it is because I like using SSBs (specific site browsers). Peppermint has a unique feature called "Ice" which makes it very easy to set up SSBs. This is handy for internet apps or for keeping your banking websites isolated from the general junk accessed via the web browser.

Unfortunately Mark Greaves (the lead developer) died early in 2020, so its not clear when/whether a new version of Peppermint will be released.

I have another laptop which I recently installed Lubuntu on, so I need to find some time to fully test this out, as it may be my best alternative if Peppermint is abandoned by the remaining devs.

My wife's laptop is running Mate which I really don't like. It won't run Peppermint due to a hardware support issue, and as it was originally supplied by Entroware with Mate, I put that back on.

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Re: The "Why I use {distro name} Linux" thread

Post by cogier » Wednesday 03rd March 2021 4:05pm

Your story has a very familiar ring to it. I started with Ubuntu around 2008, having tried various distros, and stuck with it until the change to Unity. Like a lot of other people who use Windows at work I wanted to keep the 'tradition' layout, so I moved to Linux Mint. I am not sure what desktop Mint had then, but I have used the Cinnamon desktop ever since it came out.

The Cinnamon desktop offers a fully featured and configurable desktop in the 'traditional' format with the Ubuntu stability and repo. The latest Mint also has 'Web apps' that sound very similar to the SSBs you mentioned. It's the little things I like, for example in Windows you can open Explorer (File not Internet) with [Win] + E. In Mint the same shortcut will open Nemo the Mint file manager. Nemo is based on Nautilus but has kept all the original features and has had more added.

In Mint you can now set up automatic updates and system backups, a 4 finger shuffle and the screen is being recorded, Warpinator is available for easy network file transfers…End of sale's pitch.

I am sure others will tell you why their distro is the best but at least put Mint on your list to look at.

The requirements for both Mint Maté and Mint Cinnamon are the same: -

System requirements:
• 1GB RAM (2GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
• 15GB of disk space (20GB recommended).
• 1024×768 resolution (on lower resolutions, press ALT to drag windows with the mouse if they don’t fit in the screen).

For comparison the requirements for Ubuntu are: -

System Requirements for Ubuntu 20.04
• 2 GHz dual-core processor.
• 4 GiB RAM (but 1 GiB can work)
• 25 GB of hard-drive space.
• VGA capable of 1024×768 screen resolution.

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Re: The "Why I use {distro name} Linux" thread

Post by BruceSteers » Wednesday 03rd March 2021 6:58pm

I tried linux on and off for many years but always gave up as couldn't even get a wifi dongle to ever work on them.

then at some point it all seemed to get better support for more devices.

Hated the change to unity and quickly found gnome Fallback as the layout we all know and love.
But then came MATE and i've stuck with that ever since i found it as it has that traditional feel i like.

as for distro i originally was a Mint fan as i think this was the one that first started supporting my wifi dongles.

but now i do not find a lot of difference in Debian / Ububtu / Mint and find they are all tops for packages

flavours like Fedora, Suse, etc just do not offer the variety of packages I want.

right now of all my different linux drives on my system (i currently have 10 different partitions with linux's and gambas for testing) I find Debian 11 wins for speed hands down on boot up. it up in a shot.

So i'm currently flickering between Mint 20 MATE , Debian 11 MATE and Ubuntu 21 MATE

This is the gambas app i made that auto-lists all the gambas versions on my different drives...
snap.png (79.21 KiB) Viewed 344 times
Wishing well

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Re: The "Why I use {distro name} Linux" thread

Post by PJBlack » Wednesday 03rd March 2021 7:19pm

Why I use Manjaro Linux ...

I've started my career with a *tadaa* Sinclair Spectrum 48K with MicroDrive (!!!) and external keyboard (Programming with Z80 Assembler) then came a Commodore C128 (written a Assembler/Disassembler with dbase II with data on floppy) then there was a Atari Mega ST2 with a SH205 20 MB Harddisk, SLM804 Laser-printer and the beautiful SM124 Monitor (Programming with Omicron-/GFA Basic) ... the misery started with my first pc a commodore PC 20-III.

I've gone trough every dos version and every windows version starting with Vers. 2 and then stumbled across SuSE Linux so '94/'95 i think. It was pure hell ... to get and install each newest version (300Baud modem or mountains of disks) ... waiting for the point 1 release to be able to start the system and then waiting for the point 2 release to have (nearly) no errors ... at this point the next major release came out ... so starting over again :shock:

With Windows 3.1 respectively 3.11 and at least Windows for Workgroups 3.11 i leave Linux and work with Windows on the client side (Serversytems were Novell Netware 3 and IBM Clones with AIX) and have lost sight of linux for many years.

Around 2000 i have begun to work with SUN Solaris based Unix Systems (E280, E450 'Tazmo' still in Love with, up to E10K/E15K) on the server side but still hang on to Windows on the client side and I confess I was in love with Windows 7 (SP2) until the week in which windows update sawed my complete installation twice in a row ... full of anger i decided to turn my back on windows and use linux exclusively.
i looked in the list of the most common distributions and took the first non-ubuntu derivate: linux mint 17.0 (i think) cinnamon which i follow from 17.1 -> 17.2 -> 18.0 -> 18.1 -> 18.2 -> 19.0 feeling that with every new version it gets bigger and slower ... and as 19.0 was so buggy i decided to change ... i looked in the list of the most common distributions (again) and took the first non-debian derivate: manjaro linux ... and since then I'm there and happy with.

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Re: The "Why I use {distro name} Linux" thread

Post by Technopeasant » Saturday 06th March 2021 9:25pm

I have simply always used Red Hat/Fedora since switching from Windows 98/XP in 2007 so that is just what I am used to. Never felt the reason to change.

Biggest shift was going from GNOME 2.x to Xfce after GNOME 3 came out. I do not hate GNOME Shell or anything, but XFCE just hits the sweet spot for being reasonably feature rich while being reasonably lean.

My brothers are all on Arch Linux though.
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