Computers and Life... part deux

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Computers and Life... part deux

Post by Got2BeFree » Sunday 11th August 2019 11:35pm

Do you know what ruins your day? Accidentally deleting the /Desktop folder. Not only do you lose everything in that folder, but you also lose things in other folders too.

It all started when I needed to replace a light switch in my garage. Since my computers are on battery backups, I just killed the power to the garage (which also has the computers). Later, I'm back on the computer and noticed the desktop on the secondary display was wonky, so I start cleaning things up. I go into Configure Desktop and start clicking. For some reason I chose the layout for "folder view" instead of "Desktop". Without thinking, I right clicked on the /Desktop folder on my desktop on the secondary monitor and chose "delete", not "trash". Well, all the stuff on my primary monitor, which is set to "folder view" disappeared! Whoops! :o :shock: :evil: :oops:

No problem, I thought, I just lost some text files, images, and pdf's. Most everything is kept on another drive since the hard drive meltdown back in March, and accessed through links on the desktop. So I copy over my 4 month old backup of /Desktop and that's when I noticed lots of config files in /.config also disappeared.

I've been spending the past few days getting everything set up again the way I like it.

My next Gambas project will be an app to routinely make backups of my home folder. I know, I can do it using cron and a script, but why do something simple when you can create a Rube Goldberg machine! :lol:

I'm wondering around lost in the past, not knowing where the present is.

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