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Raspberry Pi update

Posted: Monday 03rd October 2016 3:19pm
by cogier
There is a new Desktop for the Raspberry Pi. Check out the 'PIXEL' desktop

Re: Raspberry Pi update

Posted: Wednesday 12th October 2016 5:55pm
by jornmo
Has anyone tried Innova desktop? The one written in Gambas?

Re: Raspberry Pi update

Posted: Friday 14th October 2016 3:17pm
by cogier
If this is the one in the Gambas Farm


Then it crashes here


Re: Raspberry Pi update

Posted: Saturday 15th October 2016 6:27am
by jornmo
Maybe he stopped developing it...

Re: Raspberry Pi update

Posted: Saturday 10th December 2016 2:44pm
by gbWilly
The project is still active.
I know that simply because my text editor gbEdit is part of edulibreos and so I am in regular contact with Herberth, the developer.

Want to know more, see:

There, you can download .iso files for amd64, i386 and i386 light to test the edulibreos.
There is also a link to a git repository if you want the source code.


P.S. Note that there is no armhf .iso for use on Pi.

Re: Raspberry Pi update

Posted: Sunday 11th December 2016 1:08pm
by jornmo
Ahh! That's more interesting :) Thank you!

Re: Raspberry Pi update

Posted: Wednesday 01st February 2017 8:47pm
by gbWilly
Just an update on the Innova Desktop project:
Hello everyone

Innova Desktop 1.3 Desktop Developed in Gambas3

Third version available for download Innova Preview 0.1.3
Available for now only Debia/Ubuntu systems.

Special thanks to Benoit, Fabien and Zainudin Ahmad.

I thank the people who have used and reported bugs Innova
I fixed several bugs reported.

- Custom panel.
- Modified Launcher and Aggregate Functions
- Anchor Apps to your panel and desktop
- New Themes (30)
- Settings rewritten.
- The appearance of the launcher was modified.
- Widget Clock was modified 0.2
- PcInfo Information of the System 0.5.1
- New gbTerminal 0.1.6 - Terminal emulator based on VT-100

External programs:

- New VisorRV1960 - (Biblia Reina-Valera 1960) 0.6
- New Higgins - Application launcher 0.7
- gbEdit - Text Editor 0.9
- Xt7-Player - Audio and Video Player 0.20
- Pintascreen - A screen of capture 0.73

Available in 3 languages
1. English
2. Spanish
3. French

Windows Manager supported:
Openbox, Kwin and Gala

The user you must have minimal Gambas 3.9

Herberth Guzman
For downloading go to:
Maybe the problems you had have been solved.


Author of the mentioned external program gbEdit ;)

Re: Raspberry Pi update

Posted: Wednesday 01st February 2017 8:50pm
by jornmo
Do you have to run this DE from within a DE or can you go directly from TTY?

Re: Raspberry Pi update

Posted: Wednesday 01st February 2017 8:58pm
by gbWilly
All you require is one of the above 3 mentioned window managers.
They then run the Desktop (Innova).

You can install it next to your regular desktop (I believe) and then choose what desktop you want to start (at least if your desktop uses one of the 3 mentioned window managers)

So, for example if you happen to run KDE then Kwin will be the window manager used by KDE.
Innova Desktop can also use Kwin and thus they can be installed next to each other.

P.S. Best approach is probably install a GUI-less fresh Ubuntu in VM, next install kwin or openbox, next install Innova Desktop.

Re: Raspberry Pi update

Posted: Thursday 02nd February 2017 9:53am
by jornmo
I am giving it a try. The Gambas packager failed to create an install file on my laptop in Manjaro. Trying my other PC with Arch now. @Cogier, I realise you went for the wrong app. It is not the Innova Panel, but just Innova. The Panel is to be used inside the Innova DE :)