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Anyone with server experience

Posted: Friday 24th January 2020 9:02pm
by jornmo

Off-topic question:

Does anyone of you have experience with setting up Linux servers?
I have done some playing with them on and off through the years, but only locally - not live.

I would like to set up a server with NextCloud+Collabora/OnlyOffice, some websites
and perhaps in the future a Mastodon Social instance.

My greatest concern is security, and how to properly harden the system.
So far, fail2ban, ufw and blocking external ssh access has been implemented.
I am reading up a bit in LXC/LXD and Docker as keeping the instances seperate seems to be very vital in case of a break in.

It is quite easy to spin up a Dockerimage (like NextcloudPi which seems great), but post modifications to Docker images seems more of a hazzel than LXD containers. Also making the different instances talk togheter is still somewhat unresolved and a bit of a challenge... I believe I should use an Apache Proxy on the host, and VirtualHost files to relay incoming traffic to the different services.

Any input, tips, links to useful resources, etc. are much welcomed :)