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Gambas on Ubuntu 20.04

Posted: Tuesday 11th August 2020 2:17pm
by cogier
I wrote to Ubuntu pointing out that the Gambas 'Deb' file was faulty. Here is the email: -
On Tue, Aug 11, 2020 at 3:59 AM Admin <> wrote:


Can you help me get the above package fixed. Installing Gambas results in a non functioning program. The problem seems to be that the list of files is incomplete.

The command "sudo apt-get -y install gambas3" works but when you try to run the program it results in "gbr3: unable to load component: gb.form.print".

The solution is to run the following command: -

sudo apt-get -y install gambas3 gambas3-gb-form-print gambas3-gb-gtk-opengl gambas3-gb-gtk3 gambas3-gb-gui-opengl gambas3-gb-gui-qt gambas3-gb-gui-qt-webkit gambas3-gb-gui-trayicon gambas3-gb-libxml
gambas3-gb-option gambas3-gb-report gambas3-gb-sdl gambas3-gb-sdl-sound gambas3-gb-v4l gambas3-templates gambas3-gb-qt5 gambas3-gb-qt5-ext gambas3-gb-qt5-opengl gambas3-gb-qt5-webkit

Gambas will now run.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Charlie Ogier
Admin Gambas.One

Due to the work for the bug report at [1] this actually works fine in the coming 20.10 release without the massive listing of to-be-installed packages.
Dependencies there are: gambas3 -> gambas3-ide -> gambas3-gb-form-print

With the package in Universe I'm not sure anyone is planning/working on an SRU [2] for it, but the bug I linked should give you the right pointers if you (or anyone else) want to do so.

[1]: ... ug/1876450

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Christian Ehrhardt
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Re: Gambas on Ubuntu 20.04

Posted: Sunday 16th August 2020 5:12am
by cage
Charlie I have no problem installing Gambas on Ubuntu 20.04. I always add the PPA for the Gambas Maintainers stable web site. Then using Synaptic to install Gambas. Synaptic will display all the files to install. It's kind of a pain to select all the files but once it is done Gambas works with no problem. Without the addition of the PPA Synaptic finds Gambas 3.14.3 and the PPA will be a newer version. Hope that helps you out.

Re: Gambas on Ubuntu 20.04

Posted: Sunday 16th August 2020 8:36am
by cogier
I was thinking of the average user who decides to go to the 'Software Manager' and have a look at Gambas. It loads but the program does not run. So the user goes off to look at something else instead. The Gambas community looses a potential new recruit.

Re: Gambas on Ubuntu 20.04

Posted: Sunday 16th August 2020 7:56pm
by cage
I agree with that, I had the same problem with the software manager. Never really like it and that is why I use Synaptic with using Ubuntu flavors. As for the fix it doesn't seem right that the next short term version of Ubuntu has the fix and not the current one. It's one of the reasons I have been using Arch for the past three years.