Colour 'Value' Converter

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Colour 'Value' Converter

Post by stevedee » Friday 19th February 2021 5:45pm

While working on a colour recognition project, I needed a simple tool to convert between colour RGB <> Hex <> integer, and to display a colour patch for comparison.
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The entered value is also copied to the system Clipboard.

Maybe this is of use to someone.
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Re: Colour 'Value' Converter

Post by BruceSteers » Friday 19th February 2021 7:36pm

ooh , handy :)
Thanks Steve :)
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Re: Colour 'Value' Converter

Post by cogier » Tuesday 23rd February 2021 5:51pm

I thought this was a good idea and wondered if you could also pick a colour from the screen. I discovered that the ColorChooser does most of what your program does already. Anyway I messed about and came up with the attached program should anybody be interested. I may have also found a bug with ColorChooser as I can't get some events to trigger. I have posted that query on the mailing list.

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