Tradukisto v2

So you have written that new, must have program. Let us see it here.
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Tradukisto v2

Post by tincho » Wednesday 19th May 2021 8:51am

Here is a translator for Gambas3 projects, which is used to completely translate Gambas3 projects in a few seconds to many languages.
I have completely rewritten the program so that the translated sentences can be reused and thus save time and use less the translate-shell translation service, which as you know crashes after a certain number of sentences sent for translation.
Source code is allowed in Gambas Farm.
These are the features:
  • Reusing previous translations from gambas3 projects
  • Saves data to hard disk in a text file in JSON format (no database).
  • Minimal use of online translation services.
  • Allows great flexibility in choosing output languages
  • Edits the existing .po files or creates new ones if not, using the .pot file as template.
Then it creates a list with the projects hosted in the directories that were indicated in the configuration and then selecting one from the list will the "magic" start, since if the phrase is already translated in the dictionary it will immediately put it in the current translation.
If the program to be translated has different phrases in the .po files and the .pot file it is convenient to read this project before to collect the existing translations in this one, and then delete all the .po files to create them from scratch.
Here is a video explaining how it works ... dd-768.mp4

Screen shoots:
  1. Preferences show / hide
  2. Directories to READ
  3. Directories to EDIT
  4. Output languages
  1. Reload
  2. Select projects
  3. Translate missing sentences to output languages chosen previously
  4. Save the data to the Gambas3 project (.po files one for language)
  5. Optional - Delete the current translations for current project
  6. Run the project
  7. Open project directory
  8. Translation status & progress
  9. Grid view showing all origin and translated sentences
Note: Tradukisto is translated with Tradukisto ;)

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