AutoTool (WIP)

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AutoTool (WIP)

Post by BruceSteers » Tuesday 6th July 2021 8:14pm

Presenting AutoTool (WIP)

Have been making this simple tool for performing actions on files.

It allows you to add file actions via filetypes (mime) or file extension and lets you make a script that tokens can be passed in.

It works a lot like Pluma's External Tools.

the attached snapshot shows how i have used it so i can right click one or more .wav files (usually my own created songs) and it uses lame to make an mp3 in my selected folder and uses the directory tree of the wav to get album/artist name.

This was it's primary reason for making this (as was the wav2mp3 app i made but this is more versatile)
It has many other uses to perform any number of actions on many number of file types.

more than one command can be saved for any file type and if so it will open up a requester to ask what operation you want to perform.

it can just output to stdout or open it's own terminalview if needed (or always open it's terminalview)

Usage Config:
Run with no args to open the main window.
Add/remove or edit filetypes , make a script to perform actions on the files using the tokens/placeholders like %AT_FILEPATH for full path of the file.
Choose to use built in terminal or not and have it close or stay open

Usage: (there are 3 main ways to use AutoTool)

  1. It can be run from terminal

    AutoTool.gambas /file/path1 /file/path2

  2. With Ubuntu If you right click a file and select "Open With/Other Program" then navigate to AutoTool it then becomes an option in the "Open With" list.
    Then one or more files can be selected and "Open With AutoTool" chosen.

  3. Create a desktop launcher pointing to AutoTool
    then one or more files can be dragged onto the launcher.

Create docs (sorry Charlie)

I'm using /usr/share/mime/types to list mime types. this file may not exist on your system. (mines mint20)

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