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Post by BruceSteers » Monday 06th September 2021 7:47pm

This is a bit WIP.

It's a class that attaches to an object and enables scrolling text.

It inherits Timer.class So Timer.Enable / Timer.Start / etc are all useable.

Add to an Object like this...
MyTextScroller = New TextScroller(Button1)
then MyTextScroller.Start will activate scrolling for Button1

TextScroller has some static properties and also acts like an enumerable array for all Textscrollers added.
So you do not need a global variable to access the scroller
TextScroller[Button1].Enabled = True

It works on ANY object that has a .Text property.
But it looks terrible on some lol.
A few tweaks here and there should make it compatible for more object types.

Works nice on Form.Text , Buttons (if button has a picture the picture moves a little) / Labels / CheckBoxes
Not tried it on everything.
It's running on a TabPanel in the test app but it's a bit naff it the form is resizeable.
Other objects like Buttons labels etc will update text to fit button size on resizing.
Attached is a test form and the class.
most of the buttons/objects enable/disable the scroll when clicking.

It's WIP so expect some updates.
No docs yet but most Gambassers should able to work it out from property/method names alone.

Note, After adding it to a Button and using it the Button1.Text will be the updated part text, to get original button text use TextScroller[Button1].Text instead

Have fun :)
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