Gambas httpd server

So you have written that new, must have program. Let us see it here.
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Re: Gambas httpd server

Post by ocoquet » Monday 18th January 2021 5:54pm

Hi Bruce,

It's not mine :)

Olivier Coquet
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Re: Gambas httpd server

Post by michalenkolorri » Wednesday 4th May 2022 7:14pm

Hello, ocoquet! Thank you for sharing the latest update for the HTTPd server based on a class file. Is there any chance that I can run this template to adjust the server on the VPS system? I just want to test if this template will work with the different OS systems like Windows/Linux. If you have any experience developing your own VPS Europe server from the templates like this, please let me know in the private messages. Thank you for the response in advance!

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