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Post by BruceSteers » Saturday 8th January 2022 5:08pm

So you know how there was a FontBox, a DirBox, DateBox, etc but no FileBox.

I though as something to do for Ben (and everyone) as a Christmas present I could copy the DirBox control and edit it to be a FileBox :)

So now there is a FileBox :) ... 79d92b1da5

It has the following properties...

SaveFile As Boolean , Default is an OpenFile dialog, set this as true for a SaveFile dialog
Picture =Picture , Use a different picture on the button to the default file icon
PlaceHolder , you know what that is.
Filter , same as Dialog.Filter
Title , Set a Title for the dialog
Path , a synonym for Value.
The Path/PlaceHolder and Filter properties are visible in the IDE form designer
Path property was also made visible in form designer for DirBox

So happy belated Christmas to you all :)

Note: this isn't really a component to showcase as it's now a part of gambas and i can't really take credit for it as it's just Benoits DirBox.class with a few edits.
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Re: FileBox

Post by cogier » Sunday 9th January 2022 3:57pm

This may seem a stupid question, but how do you download a program from GitLab? I can do it from GitHub. I managed to download a file with a very cryptic name (gambas-93afd49f7c129ad8acac46b4aa123479d92b1da5) but that wasn't too much help. :? :shock:

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