Using JavaPoS with in Gambas

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Using JavaPoS with in Gambas

Post by AndyGable » Monday 15th March 2021 10:20pm

Hi All,

Does anyone know how I can use the JavaPoS drivers with Gambas? (

The JavaPoS is designed to act as a go between between the PoS Hardware and the PoS Software and it allows the same program to
talk to different printers, scanner etc (the idea is the code base does not need to know what the printer supports the JavaPoS does
that as you install the correct JavaPoS Files for the given printer)

On the software side all we have to do is talk to the JavaPoS interface
With PoSPrinter
            .DeviceEnabled = True
            .RecLineChars = 56
            .CharacterSet = 850 ' Set the Display to UK Mode so the £ shows correctly

            If .CapRecBitmap = True And PrintGraphicalLogo = "Yes" Then
                AddToStartupList("Placing Graphical Logo(s) Into The Receipt Printer's Memory")
                Call SetGraphics()

                If WesternUnionActive = "Yes" Then
                    AddToStartupList("Placing Western Union Logo Into The Receipt Printer's Memory")
                End If
            End If

            If PrintTestPrint = "Yes" Then
                AddToStartupList("Sending Test Print To The Printer")
                Call TestPrint()
            End If
        End With
the above is a example of how we talk to the OPoS Driver for Windows (that is the Windows version of the JavaPoS Drivers)

The PrinterOPoSName is the Name of the Device that was set up with in JavaPoS / OPoS

Is this possible with Gambas or am I pushing the application to far to quickly?

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