Advise on a idea

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Re: Advise on a idea

Post by AndyGable » Thursday 22nd July 2021 11:21pm


Thanks for the links I shall have a read.

Will I be able to have 2 local apps (the sync program and the actual till program) read and write to the SQLite database at the same time? Or will I get the same database locked error message that I did on windows (that was why I used firebird for the local database

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Re: Advise on a idea

Post by PJBlack » Friday 23rd July 2021 9:19am

opening a connection at the same time should not be a problem ... reading at the same time should not be a problem but writing at the same time could be a problem ... see


however, since i know neither the requirements of your program nor your concept for realization, it is difficult to make binding statements ...

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