TextEditor Selected text font.

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TextEditor Selected text font.

Post by Quincunxian » Monday 26th July 2021 1:50am

Is there a way to set the selected text to bold or italic ?
As far as I can see, you can only set the font to the whole document.
What I would like to do is select a single phrase in a sentence and set it to italic only.

From what I understand, the Gambas code editor is made from this component but if this is the case then
it seems a lot of the functionality is missing from the user control.
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Re: TextEditor Selected text font.

Post by BruceSteers » Monday 26th July 2021 6:53am

there is TextEditor.HighlightString(sText)

that will highlight any and all strings matching the search

but then selecting text highlights it anyway.

for texteditor it's a no.

RichText will do html <b>

texteditor has Highlighting with eval.highlight and TextHighlighting classes, kinda complicated but i figured it out for the shell highlighting i did.
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