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ncurses examples

Posted: Tuesday 04th February 2020 12:54am
by Technopeasant

I wanted to try poking around with the ncurses component to toy with making some pseudo-graphical terminal applications, but all the example code that was created for it seems to have vanished into the ether after the Software Farm came about.

First, there is the dead link on this page:

And most intriguingly, references to a Pong and Space Invaders clone, which I can find no download of anywhere. At this rate I am going to have to try and get an older version of Gambas built just to get at the old examples... :(

EDIT: Managed to extract them from this old DEB file. ... l.deb.html

Making some good progress on learning how it all works now. Baffled as to why this is not on the Farm.