Request for Web Forms project (Reasonably complex)

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Request for Web Forms project (Reasonably complex)

Post by Quincunxian » Tuesday 21st April 2020 12:46am

I'm looking for a sample of a gambas project that uses web forms.

I'm testing a Project Review Utility that I am building and as i have not touched web forms yet so I hope that someone
has something 'reasonably' complex that I can investigate so that I can cover all aspects of gambas forms and components.

It doesn't need to be finished or fully debugged, just used as many aspects of web forms that are practical.

When finished, the project review utility will allow you to create an extensive technical document for your projects as per the sample below.
I've cut this particular sample down as it was 110 pages and included all the source code ect.
It gives the general idea though.
Sample Technical Document
(15.69 KiB) Downloaded 202 times
It will also allow you to build the framework of an application help document in html for any application. (todays work)
Cheers - Quin.
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