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WebForm in various browser TABs

Posted: Thursday 24th June 2021 2:44pm
by omoreno
Hello everybody.

IDE: Gambas 3.16.1
Component: gb.web.gui
S.O.: Linux Mint 20.1.
Browsers: Chrome, Firefox.

You could help me by testing this project on your systems and see if the same problem happens to me.
Please provide a possible solution or report to Bugtracker.

To see the Problem:
Run the Gambas project
-Open it in the browser
-Test changed form with buttons (Start, F1, F2, F3)
-Test the selection of radio buttons and see that only one should be selected.

Everything should work fine, but if you open a new TAB and then change TAB two or three times, selecting the radio buttons and changing the form in each TAB, observe that several of the webradiobuttons are selected and the forms are stacked in the container.

I have attached a small Gambas WebForm project that:
It has a menu of buttons to make the change from WebForm to a container.
It also has a container with 4 radio buttons.

Greetings and thanks for your possible answers.

Re: WebForm in various browser TABs

Posted: Thursday 24th June 2021 4:17pm
by PJBlack
I am just cooking and therefore not very concentrated ... but when skimming your code I noticed that you create a new object with every click ...

Re: WebForm in various browser TABs

Posted: Friday 25th June 2021 2:32pm
by omoreno
PJBlack thanks for responding.

I am new to Gambas WebForm.

How should the different WebForms be loaded on each call?
Why do the WebRadioButtons behave that way, even though they are in the main WebForm?

Note: I have translated from Spanish to English with Google.