Gambas --> Beaglebone Black

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Re: Gambas --> Beaglebone Black

Post by BruceSteers » Sunday 14th February 2021 4:39pm

Askjerry wrote:
Saturday 13th February 2021 7:24pm
It took a few years... but I finally hit the point where I'm able to control GPIO from GAMBAS on the Raspberry Pi.

So I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed... I get there eventually...
I think your best option is to combine your questions in different groups/forums.
Some questions will be more specific to your board (like pin configs and stuff) people on a beaglebone forum will be able to easily help you in that respect.

Then how to implement that knowledge in gambas is where we may help more.

Well the others can , I know not the information you seek , i just know the best way to seek it :)
I've never even heard of a Beaglebone black. Raspberry, Orange and banana Pi's I have (not as tasty as they sound)

Wishing well

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