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Re: External libraries

Post by vuott » Saturday 14th November 2020 3:07pm

stevedee wrote:
Saturday 14th November 2020 7:11am
These are great examples vuott, and what a brilliant Gambas wiki!
Thank you so much, stevedee !

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Re: External libraries

Post by vuott » Saturday 14th November 2020 3:13pm

stevedee wrote:
Saturday 14th November 2020 6:53am
Ideally, everyone should learn C.
Even if you never use it, having that background information is very useful when working with other languages and operating systems.
I'm perfectly agree ! :!:

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Re: External libraries

Post by BruceSteers » Saturday 14th November 2020 8:48pm

When i first started coding i learned a bit. That was on an Amiga1200 using AmigaE that was like C but higher level and like gambas I started venturing into using system libraries and learning C a bit :)
C always seems "full of rubbish" to me lol
Basic has it's fair share of rubbish with defining things but C , phew, talk about fussy , and a rubbish compiler. The AmigaE language and compiler took loads of the work out of it :)

I've dabbled with perl java php vb , since but after moving over to linux and discovering gambas I stopped looking any further.

It's only now that i've gotten so deeply into gambas that im having to deal with C again.
I'm really digging being able to fork/clone it and have a version i can monkey around with :)

There's a couple of issues i have with the latest version (mostly it killing my test arg lists in the .project files)
I fixed that bug and sent a merge request but Benoít didn't bite.
Even tried editing the code on the the gambas gitlab page and having git auto create a branch set to delete on merge. but he still didn't bite.
I sent a mail the the M/L pleading for him to fix it as it was driving me mad every time i loaded a project in an older gambas it would delete my arg lists :evil: .

It may seem trivial but my GUI builder GForm has an args list like this...
I once wrote: ArgumentList=[["end","tgbutton=\"tb1|This is a ToggleButton|on nostretch\"","box","input=\"i1|some text=this\"","unbox","box","toolbutton=\"tb2|Goodbye\"","fontbox=\"FBX||stretch linkto=list1\"","unbox","button=\"b4|well then|noclose|com=xdg-open /home\"","box","label=\"|This ia a label\\na 2 line label\"","input=\"in3|more txt\"","unbox","box","checkbox=\"cb1|Check box this|on background=200,230,230\"","combobox=\"cmb1|l1,list 2,the third\"","unbox","list=\"list1|l1,list 2,the third|1|lines=3\"","box","maskbox=\"msk1|the mask\"","button=\"BQ|Quit|stretch\"","unbox","width=300","pipe=/tmp/fifo1","listen=/tmp/fifo2"],["return=end","listen=/tmp/fifo2","bg=200,200,100","label=\"lbl|testin\\nthis label|stretch\"","menu=\"mMain|form|Main Menu\"","menu=\"m2|mMain|Open|icon=open toggle\"","menu=\"m3|mMain|Close|icon=close\"","menu=\"m4|mMain|Quit|icon=quit close\"","box","button=0|Yes","button=1|no","button=\"2|Cancel|picture=cancel menu=mMain\"","unbox","textbox=\"tb1|something|nostretch\"","tgbutton=\"tgb|tgbutton|on\"","pipe=/tmp/fifo1"],["help"],["button=\"b1|Button 1|icon=open|com=xed /media/bonus/Elements/LinuxStuff/GForm_dist/install/Install_GForm.sh\"","button=\"|testing 1 2 3|tip=trying this\\rtip here\"","button=\"|CLose|close\""],["allstretch","label=\"lbl|Test Menu Window\"","menu=\"mMain|form|Main Menu\"","menu=\"mItem|mMain|Menu Item|com=xed\"","box","button=\"bt1|Button 1|menu=mMain icon=menu|shell=gambas3|tip=Click to run gambas3 IDE\"","button=\"|Quit|icon=quit close\""]]

But then it hit me.
I have a clone on my hard drive, i edit the code myself and gambas updates now merge into my clone. leaving my changes be.
That's kinda excellent :)
I just have to be careful not to make my apps (that others could use) only work on my gambas.

But you can see a definite crossover point in gambas where it goes from gambas code to C , sigh

I guess I'm just a basic guy :)
Wishing well

If at first you don't succeed , try it differently.

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