Gambas on BSD (GhostBSD)

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Gambas on BSD (GhostBSD)

Post by BruceSteers » Thursday 31st December 2020 7:42pm

For anyone seeking a solution for installing latest commits on GhostBSD
I've put some time into it....

installing dependency 'qt5' installs a lot of stuff , too much i think, 200mb of docs 120mb of examples etc.
I need to remove it and install the individual dependencies only.

gonna take some time though as i only have it on VM and it's not quick.
qt5 installs things like llvm and postgresql so i ill have to add thing like that that may be missing, gonn be a looong process but probably a background one ;)

Some of the changes i made to make it compatible (minor makefile adjustments) may be added to gambas so my fork may become obsolete. will update here and wiki upon progress :)

Wishing well

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