Bruce gets recognition in Gambas 3.16.0

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Bruce gets recognition in Gambas 3.16.0

Post by stevedee » Friday 16th April 2021 7:02am

Described as "a huge release" Gambas 3.16.0 installed itself on my computer early this morning.

There is certainly a long list of changes and enhancements described in the Release Notes, and while I was checking the inclusion of "platform" and "GUI Toolkit" to the About Gambas... dialog, our very own Bruce Steers appeared in the list of Authors...Well done Bruce!
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Re: Bruce gets recognition in Gambas 3.16.0

Post by PJBlack » Friday 16th April 2021 10:51am

admirable that he still finds time to help with gambas ... as often as I annoy him here ;)

congratulations bruce

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Re: Bruce gets recognition in Gambas 3.16.0

Post by BruceSteers » Friday 16th April 2021 11:21am

aaw bless ya guys

to be fair i had to recognise myself :lol:

Ben asked on the mailing list for any contributors to add themselves to the contributors file.

I deliberated for a bit thinking I hadn't done much but tons of bug reporting (tons and tons of bug reporting).
So i added myself and listed the TerminalView window commands support and the shell highlighting and much bug tracking/reporting/even fixing and minor tweaks,

Then Ben said he cleaned up the file a bit and removed things like bug reporting/tweaks :-\
Doh, I thought my bug reporting was my biggest contribution :lol:

I wish i hadn't run out of ideas though.

I'm happy to have helped contribute for free to something i've used for free for years.
all thanks go to Ben really , I've just helped where i could.
Sadly my eagerness to help kinda outweighs my ability to :(

Be well all :)
Many thanks

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Re: Bruce gets recognition in Gambas 3.16.0

Post by cage » Saturday 17th April 2021 10:11pm

Congrats Bruce! I said it before that you should of been on Ben's Gambas team.

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Re: Bruce gets recognition in Gambas 3.16.0

Post by Technopeasant » Saturday 17th April 2021 10:45pm

New version still not formally up on the website I notice.
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