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Cross Platform

Posted: Monday 06th September 2021 5:13pm
by DFergFLA
I have been poking around Gambus here and there for some time. I am an old hobbyist who first stared using basic way back in the 80's. I have also used Pascal. I have been poking around every now and then. I have tried Lazarus, but just keep hitting various issues. Mainly documentation that is outdated and doesn't work. Components that don't work and just a general frustration with the environment. It just seems I can't get past the very, very basic things without running into issues and then have a hard time finding answers. Many times I will find a code example, or tutorial and try it only to find out it outdated and doesn't work anymore. Anyway. I was always better with basic. I've had fun tinkering around a little, I mean little, every now and then with Gambus. The only thing that really keeps me from diving in is that I would really like something cross platform.

I have seen things here and there about Gambus on Windows, maybe even on Mac (I may be mistaken about that last one). Anyway, I was just wanting to see if there has been any direction at all on moving Gambus to a cross platform tool?

Note: I don't mean to say that Gambus somehow "has" to be cross platform. I am just asking if that is even something that is on the radar for it at this point.

Re: Cross Platform

Posted: Monday 06th September 2021 6:21pm
by stevedee
This is a question that comes up from time-to-time, and the answer is no.

The motivation to create Gambas was to provide a visual programming environment for Linux, not to conquer the world with yet another software language. Linux is very different from Windows, so a cross-platform language would need a very different approach.

Learning to program is probably more difficult than learning a new programming language (...once you have a reasonable understanding of programming). Computer Science is very much about using the best tools for the job, not simply trying to re-use the tools that you are already familiar with.

If you do decide to pursue Gambas, you will find the people on this forum only too pleased to help you.

Re: Cross Platform

Posted: Monday 06th September 2021 6:57pm
by DFergFLA
Thank you very much for the information.

Re: Cross Platform

Posted: Tuesday 07th September 2021 9:03am
by cogier
While Gambas is not cross-platform the fact that Windows now supports Linux to some extent is helpful. Here is a picture of my Gambas program, Simple Barcode (It's on the Gambas Farm), running with the Gambas IDE on Windows 10 under WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux).