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We've got source code highlighting!

Posted: Sunday 12th March 2017 2:01pm
by jornmo
Just click the 'gb' button and type some code inbetween, or the 'highlight' button for other languages. Most common languages are supported!
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' Gambas module file

Public Title As String

Public Sub Main()

  Dim hClass As Class

  If Application.Args.Count >= 2 Then
    Title = Application.Args[2]
    hClass = Class.Load(Application.Args[1])
    Object.Call(hClass, "Main")
    Print "Usage: NeHeTutorial Example<N> <Title>"


Re: We've got source code highlighting!

Posted: Thursday 14th September 2017 3:48pm
by jornmo
In order to be able to have plain text URLs inside code, and not have them parsed by the forum and turned into HTML, remember to tick off "Do not automatically parse URLs", below the editor, before posting.

Re: We've got source code highlighting!

Posted: Saturday 28th March 2020 9:36am
by Serban
'--- Thanks for the tip!
'--- This is really useful!
FMain.TextArea1.Text="This is awsome!"
Oooooh my God! That looks fabulous!