Touch screen monitors

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Touch screen monitors

Post by Got2BeFree » Saturday 06th July 2019 1:17pm

Lately I've been wanting to create some touch screen projects again in Gambas. I've got a very old ELO Touch computer that I'd been using to develop touch apps, but that was using an older OpenSuse install using old drivers and some fiddling. I've since upgraded the OS and lost touch capabilities and I just don't want to spend the time and effort to making that old system work again with touch (it was a pain the first time around).

And after losing the hard drive with that touch project, I thought I'd start a fresh project with a new touch monitor. So, I've been researching Linux friendly touch screen monitors off and on over the past few weeks and have found I'm no more informed than I was before starting the research. There doesn't seem to be much info out there that shows any particular monitor works out of the box with no issues. The reviews I've read on sites such as Amazon seem to be hit or miss on how well they work with Linux.

Anyone know of some models that are known to work well with Linux?

(I apologize if this sounds incoherent. I'm going on 27 hours with only about 3 hours sleep in there somewhere so I'm not sure if I'm seeing correctly what I'm typing! :shock: )

I'm wondering around lost in the past, not knowing where the present is.

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