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Posted: Wednesday 15th January 2020 9:27am
by stevedee
I just noticed that membership of this forum has now reached 100, so congratulations to cogier and jornmo.

Gambas is not a wildly popular programming language, so I think this English language forum is doing well, and has managed to remain a pleasant, friendly place to hang out.

Re: Ton-up!

Posted: Wednesday 15th January 2020 5:05pm
by cogier
Thanks Steve. We still seem to be the only English Gambas Forum so we can now expect our 200th member around May 2023!

Re: Ton-up!

Posted: Sunday 19th January 2020 9:43am
by jornmo
Yaaay 8-)

Re: Ton-up!

Posted: Wednesday 05th February 2020 4:43am
by Technopeasant
Well, it helps that I finally found this place last year. :lol: