Şerban Stănescu - About me

Feel free to talk about non programming issues here.
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Şerban Stănescu - About me

Post by Serban » Saturday 28th March 2020 10:20am

Hello everybody!
I'm new to Gambas, but I'm interested to go on with it for an indefinite time.
So, here I am! :)

A few things about me...
I am from România, Alexandria (District City), Teleorman.
I am alomst 61 so as you might guess, Gambas is somehow my "retirement backup plan".
I hate doing nothing... I always belived, I still do, that TIME is the most valuable ASSET, and if you waste it, it's the worst of the losses.
My industry, is Personal Development.
However, I have a technical degree, Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Metallurgy, Heat Treatments and Forging.
In computers I have some papers (that is... post-universitary studies), but I'd barely give a feather or a straw on them.
I'm some 98% self-taught and almost all I know, I've learned by myself, mostly the hard way.
I started learning computers a little (too?) late...
I was 36 years, in 1995, but somehow I saw in this machinery a useful tool for personal development so, after earning my living some years using computers, I'm still playing with those kind of machineries...
I found Gambas somewhere in 2018. I told the whole story in the DirLister User's Guide:
For now, I'm still trying to figure out many things so speaking about plans, is somehow too early.
Nevertheless, I wrote a book. I wish I had one like that when I started with Gambas.
Here is the 3 D cover:
P-055-GaP-BG.3D.Cover-200x347-1.2.png (122.42 KiB) Viewed 4147 times
Question here, is how can I upload it to make it available for anyone interested?
I found a WP site. I was a blogger for 10 years, had some sites so I know that it is possible to upload it on blog's server.
I'll attach it here, but since I know nothing about the files policy, I live it up to the Admin (Charlie?) wether it remains here or it will be moved someplace else:
(273.81 KiB) Downloaded 222 times
To Charlie Ogier:
Thanks for the [Gambas Classes]
It's wonderful!
I'm sorry I bothered you on mail, but I was tired and forgot to check the FM to show hidden files.
I had it turned on for hours and then switched off for some reason then I forgot...
I alrready made the binary and put it on a launcher! ;) :D
That's about all!
Glad to meet you guys!
Şerban S.
"The only thing that good people have to do for the evil to tryumph, is do nothing."
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke;
It's easy to die for an idea. It is way harder to LIVE for your idea! (Me)

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