Gambas 3.15 is out

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Gambas 3.15 is out

Post by cage » Monday 13th July 2020 4:03am

Gambas 3.15 is out but personally I have a problem with the new update. All my images are displaying as negatives. The only way I have found to make them display correctly is to invert the images manually. Other then that one problem it works really great.

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Re: Gambas 3.15 is out

Post by cogier » Monday 13th July 2020 1:51pm

There seems to be a few problems with this version I suggest people wait until these bugs are sorted.

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Re: Gambas 3.15 is out

Post by sjsepan » Friday 17th July 2020 11:39pm

Wish I'd seen this first.

I upgraded my Linux Mint from 19.3 to 20 this week, have everything running OK, saw that Gambas 3.14.3 was in the repository (the Mint upgrade process had me remove it during), and installed that -- no issues.

Saw today that 3.15 was out and added the gambas-team PPA, and let the Update Manager tell me that Gambas3 had an update. Ran that, and it looked like it was going along fine, then the Gambas update quit after telling me that it could not copy '/usr/share/gambas3/template/console/.directory' because something about it being the same in the 3.14 something-or-other. When I got done, the Software Manager told me that 3.14 was not installed, but if I typed gambas3, it came up. If I tried to remove it with APT, I was told it was not installed so nothing to remove.

I removed the add'l PPA from Software Sources, then ran APT INSTALL and it added some missing stuff and seemed to fix the 3.14 instance, which runs. I'll wait until someone else gives the all-clear...

Steve S

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