Would you Like a Like button?

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Would you Like a Like button?

Post by stevedee » Sunday 26th July 2020 8:51am

A couple of years ago I was quite 'sniffy' about "Like" buttons, as per FaceAche, where everyone appears to like just about everything.

However, it seems to work well on certain forums that I frequent (such as ww2talk.com). Users don't just like a post because they know the author. Its more a way of saying that that post/subject interests me, but I don't have any useful comments to add to the discussion.

So, just click on the "Like" button if you li... Oh wait, we don't have one!

Charlie/Jornmo: is it possible to add this feature on GambasONE?

Everyone else: is anyone bothered one way or the other?

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Re: Would you Like a Like button?

Post by PJBlack » Sunday 26th July 2020 11:56am

if you need a like button -> leave here and goto facebook ...

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Re: Would you Like a Like button?

Post by Quincunxian » Monday 27th July 2020 12:26am

Even if it is technically possible, I'm not sure what actual value a 'like' has.

When someone writes a post, it tends to fall into three main categories:
  1. Informational
  2. Request
  3. Reply (To one of the above)
On some technical forums, where there are several answers to a submitted question,
quite often a 'vote' is taken to indicate the best answer and the poster gets a point score
which indicates how much 'geek reputation' they have.

If you post a question and you get two answers, one from a person with 1 point and one
from a person with 1000 points, you would tend to go with the more experienced person.

I'm not sure this forum has the volume to require such a system of likes or points or whatever.

Be interested in what others have to say...
Cheers - Quin.
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