not friendly to firefox

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not friendly to firefox

Post by sadams54 » Wednesday 23rd September 2020 9:59pm

Not sure if it is just me, but I can't post in the forums using firefox. I can put in a subject but the body of the message has no place to type it in. It works if I switch to chrome. Maybe somebody can enlighten me or take a look at the forum?

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Re: not friendly to firefox

Post by Quincunxian » Wednesday 23rd September 2020 11:43pm

I'm on Mint using Firefox 80.0.1 and as you can see, no problems.
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Re: not friendly to firefox

Post by PJBlack » Thursday 24th September 2020 4:14am

Manjaro and Foxi 80.0.1 ... works

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Re: not friendly to firefox

Post by BruceSteers » Thursday 24th September 2020 11:13am

Mint-20 Firefox80.0 works fine.

I'd try
go to firefox settings.
Privacy and Security.
Find the "Clear Data" option.
Clear all the cached web content.

If that doesn't work maye an update is needed?
sudo apt-get full-upgrade

But suffice to say as it's working for all of us that it must be a problem on your end not with the forum.
Wishing well

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