My custom gambas 3.14

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My custom gambas 3.14

Post by BruceSteers » Monday 09th November 2020 6:18pm

Hi all.

So i got a bit fed up with the numerous bugs there are in gambas 3.15.90 beta.
And reporting them.
I somehow seemed to veer off my own projects and started spending a lot of time finding and reporting bugs for Benoít.

This started bugging me so I reverted to the stable 3.15.2
But all i found was the "stable" 3.15.2 was still pretty buggy.

So i reverted a bit more to 3.14.3
Now 3.14.3 I'm finding works great but it's missing some things that 3.15 has so I've made a custom Gambas 3.14 on my git fork.

So far i've done the following...
Fixed the compiling and the gitlab-ci.yml file.
the .gitlab-ci.yml was outdated and needed refreshing so i used the updated version.
(doing that should make my compiler script work on it)
gb.db.mysql main.c file had an error so i fixed it.
gb.pdf was broken so i replaced it with 3.15 version.

Those steps have enabled compiling to work now on LinuxMint/ubuntu at least, i've not tested it on anything else yet.

Things I've added...
shell highlighting to TextEditor. along with adding an option to wrap text in quotes (like braces do) if you press the Alt Key as well.
(Ps. the option to press alt to wrap text not erase has also been added to the gambas mode to enable it in the IDE)

compatibility with gambas 3.15 project files.
Now loading a 3.15 project into this gambas will not erase your test argument settings but preserve them.
Gambas 3.15 will convert older gambas settings okay but there was no backward compatibility until now.

'make install' speed increase.
If like me you play around with editing gambas itself you may have noticed the MIME types install during 'make install' takes a while and it installs 3 of them, I do not think this is needed and making the install scrip check first and not install the mime types if already present speeds up the install script quite a bit.

TeminalView fix , there was an error in the TerminalView that occurred if you typed "clear", this was fixed in 3.15 and now is also fixed in my 3.14.4 version.

check it out here if you like...

if anyone wants any other upgrades added i can see what i can do.

All the best :)
Wishing well

If at first you don't succeed , try it differently.

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